Amiflexsystem is a type of bituminous mastic waterproofing. It is cement obtained from the innermix of a fine mineral combination fibre (granulometrically graduate and rich in plaster) and a bituminous binder (asphalt emulsion). The mineral skeleton provides thickness and the required consistency to the mix of fibre and asphalt. The fibres yield a substantial improvement in comportment of the resultant mastic: it creates a reinforcement in the mortar, improves its mechanical behaviour (especially resistance to traction and abrasion when there’s traffic) and increases its flexibility.

It is a system applied at cold temperature,in one piece, seamless, stable at any temperature. It can be applied both on dry surfaces and slightly moistened surfaces, and it’s fully compatible with asphalt. It simple and easy to apply, it doesn’t depend on the irregularity of the deck,it’s able to resist construction vehicles,it shows good adhesion to the top layer of asphalt,it’s flexible and shock absorber.

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impermeabilizacion con lámina asfaltica comosan puentes

On bridge decks, waterproofing systems that use prefabricated asphalt sheets provide uniformity and quality to the deck. They ensure the complete sealing of the deck. In order to achieve this there are different requests:

• Total grip between the waterproof membrane, the support base and the protecting layer.

• The waterproofing system’s capacity to withstand the dynamic action of the vehicles.

• Membrane resistance movements in case of surface’scraks.

• Membrane- protection layers Compatibility.

• Membrane resistance to extension and compaction of the surface.

Composan Puentes y Obra Civil meet all these requirements in every waterproofing systems they perform, that use a prefabricated bituminous or elastomeric layer, a waterproofed membrane (obtained from one or several prefabricated asphalt sheets) and a protection layer.

Waterproofing is important on decks, but is more important on rail boards. Here, a non-successful waterproofing could cause damages, but the necessity of a re-waterproofing could cause more difficulties: traffic can be diverted or closed on a road and a bridge, but a railway closing is much more complicated.

Being aware of this problem, Composan Puentes y Obra Civil requires than the selection of products (of great prestige) and system (the best guarantee of stability and functionality) is accurate and meticulous, and it always use the latest and best options provided by technology.

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