Composan Puentes y Obra Civil grows with the people it employs.  In order to achieve an optimum development of this project, participation and commitment are a must.

Through the proper management of Human Resource Capital as a main feature of our organization, our goal is to increase the performance of workers and their motivation, so they can be developed and promoted to a higher professional level, which, at the same time, will positively rebound on the results of the Company.

We invite you to send us your CV filling in the form below.

Composan Puentes also offers the possibility of an internship with us, together with our professional team: you will be part of the teams that work in different areas. In order to do so we have agreements with prestigious business centres, universities and vocational training centres and institutes throughout Spain, which connect us with students in their final stage of studies, who want to have access to their first professional experience. If you’re interested fill out the form below.