What is Rhinophalt?

Rhinophalt is a process that significantly extends the life of asphalt by sealing and protecting the surface course from weathering, oxidisation and traffic use, effectively stopping the deterioration of the bituminous binder in the surface.

Rhinophalt is especially effective as part of a preventive maintenance. Its application in the early years of the paviment ensures optimal conservation and reduceswhole life costs in road maintenance.


What are the benefits of the Rhinophalt?

Traditional systems of bituminous pavements are one of the biggest costs associated with the road network. Demonstrated ability Rhinophalt to prevent deterioration of this infrastructure significantly extends the life of bituminous pavements, generating social, financial and environmental benefits over conventional methods:

• 90% savings of traffic disruption.

• 88% savings of CO2 emissions

• 50% savings of the costs of maintenance.

Rhinophalt can be applied every 5 years onto the bituminous surfaces without affecting the strength or texture of the layer, and depth milling is not necessary on the existing pavement. Moreover, as a preservation compound,Rhinophalt effectively becomes part of the bituminous material in the pavement,stopping any problems of delamination.


• Roads and carriageways

• Airports runways and taxiways

• Parking

• Docks and ports

• Platforms

• Bike lanes

• Pedestrian zones