Our hallmark is the execution of the complete project, providing solutions to our customers, taking actions and giving answers, from inspection right through to the end of the project. We cover repair work in civil engineering concrete structures, factory steel structures and in the field of building, we also work in the field of restoration and reconstruction of artistic and cultural monuments.

Factory bridges: This kind of structure has not been modified to adapt to the present needs of traffic, and they are often classified and protected, so it takes too long for the works of conservation and adaptation to be done. We believe that, whatever the situation, the bridges still have to do their job, which is precisely leaving a safe way for vehicles. Therefore it is necessary to reach an agreement which respects the art and heritage values and at the same time​​ guarantees the safety of the road. This is the goal Composan Puentes aim at in every performed work, using products and solutions appropriated to building materials.

Bridges and concrete structures: Most of the deteriorations are usually due to age, impacts or implementation failures. Composan Puentes works on them, providing solutions that allow the quality required by the European standard EN- 1504 «Products and systems for the repair and protection of concrete structures».

Metallic Bridges: Composan Puentes y Obra Civil can undertake activities which range from maintenance to ensure oxidation removal and reconstruction of pavements, to structural performances such as replacement of damaged areas. These structures can also be affected by deteriorations of other types of structural experience, such as undermines and damage to piers, abutments in the case of older factory bridges and damage to footbridges in the more modern concrete bridges.


Composite bridges: we perform the same activities as described in the bridges above, but we pay more attention to the material we’re working on.