In Composan Puentes y Obra Civil we are aware that economic profit can never be the only goal: we can never forget the provision of quality service and the impacts our activities can have on the environment. We ensure, as well, a proper working environment with lower potential risks to the safety and health of our employees and third parties.

Therefore the General Management of Composan Puentes has established and implemented an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Prevention, based on the requirements of the UNE 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007:

1. Complete repair and reconstruction of bridges and concrete structures and metal.

2. Marketing and installation of expansion joints on bridges and other concrete structures.

3. Bridge deck waterproofing and factory works

Prevention Policy

Certificates of Quality, Environment and Prevention centres and institutes throughout Spain, which connect us with students in their final stage of studies, who want to have access to their first professional experience. If you’re interested fill out the form below.

Repair and integral rehabilitation of bridges and structures of concrete and metallic
Commercialization and installation of meetings expansions in bridges and other structures of concrete.
Waterproofing board of bridges and works of factory

Our Commitment with the Company and the Environment

Composan Puentes y Obra Civil understands its Corporate Social Responsibility and voluntarily undertakes a sincere commitment, aimed in particular at all of the teams with which it works: employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and society.

In the first instance we respect the law, but most of all we require that all of the company’s operations acknowledge the dignity and rights of workers and help us to build a good working environment, where everyone is involved at the same level and the employees’ integrity is protected, and whose working conditions are based on fair competition and sustainable and environmental policies.

In order to achieve this goal we encourage labour risk prevention, employees’ health promotion, training plans, data protection, straight communication with clients and employees, reconciliation of work and family policies, environmental care and consumer reduction programs, etc.